• Image of Bent Sea "Noistalgia" cassette last copies!
  • Image of Bent Sea "Noistalgia" cassette last copies!

Bent Sea. Intense... elusive... obscure. A tribute to the age of tape trading, "Noistalgia", the band's initial eruption, was fittingly released on cassette by the highly respected Tankcrimes label. We stumbled upon the very last box of these grind grenades, so if you want yours, now's the time. Rumor has it that a certain D. Townsend plays bass on this. Do yourself a favor- get this tape before it's gone forever.

1. Noistalgia
2. Digital Disaster
3. Blast Beat Barrage
4. A Common Affliction
5. In One Word
6. Grind Control
7. Tripwire Target
8. Sustained Idiocy
9. Dead Meat
10. Truth Will Out
11. Fool For Life
12. Bullshit Propaganda [Extreme Noise Terror]